Our products have been sold to over 85 countries. 

Founded in 1979, Yang Bey has become a leading manufacturer of strapping tools and packing tools in Taiwan. Our products have been sold to over 85 countries. Our customers are importers and/or distributors from packaging, material handling, or logistic industry. Some customers themselves are manufacturer for strapping, tapes, stretch film, etc. We far realized that helping our customers to reduce their cost and time is a way to create our value. We, therefore, challenge ourselves to be a one-stop-shop supplier.


Our customers can reduce communication time, minimum order quantity, transportation costs and inventory expense if we are able to supply them as many tools as possible from one source and in timely manner. Our lead time is 25days for standard products. Our customers can focus on sale and expansion of business. With this target in mind and 37-year-experience, we have developed a complete cross section line that includes strapping tools, seals/buckles, banding tools, clamping tools, film dispensers, tape dispensers, label dispensers, bag sealers, paper cutters, utility knives, bubble wrap dispensers, etc.



Container Dock

Our brand name YBICO is the initials of Yang Bey Industrial CO., Ltd. We understand the difficulty of establishing and maintaining a good brand image and therefore, all our products are made in Taiwan by trained labors and professional managements to ensure quality consistency. Also USD 1 million product liability insurance is applied to all our productions as a service and support to our tool users. We want our customers to feel not only great but also safe to use. If you are interested in any tool in this websites, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. We are here to serve you.





One-stop Shop

Buy more than 500 packaging related skus from one source.


40-year Experienced Manufacturer

A real producer with abundant know-how.


Deliver in 25 days

Order when stock level is low. Our clients can reduce costs of inventory and increase cash flow. 


In-house Production

Essential components are manufactured in house to ensure their quality. 


Quality Control

A team with qualified technicians and QC personal strives to offer quicker problem-solving and quality control at every aspect.


Quicker New Product Development

With more than 10 engineers in our R/D team, design cycle time is reduced dramatically.


Intensive Employee Training

Provide products and service in reliable and consistent quality.


Custom-made Available

Custom-made print, packaging, even tool design.

OEM/ODM available.


- ISO 9001:2015

- ISO 9001:2015

- USD 1 Million Product Liability Insurance

- USD 1 Million Product Liability Insurance




If you are interested in any tool in this websites, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

We are here to serve you.

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